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Al Ramms VS Dubba Al Husun




Al Ramms VS Dubba Al Husun match analysis

Al Ramms were trashed in the first round of the competition - 0:5 by Al Quwat Al Musalaha at home. This was surely a severe blow for the team and I doubt that the players will be able to sort themselves out easily. The team recently played in the Vice President Cup, where it was completely smashed and eventually finished on the last place in its group, with just 3 points from 14 games. Somewhere around here I should say that in the previous season Al Ramms finished second last in Group B, with 6 points after 12 games. Dubba won over Masfut in the first round and will be looking for another 3 points today. The team finished on last place in Group A last season, but is now looking to improve and their performance in Vice President Cup shows it. Despite finishing 6th, Dubba won 14 points, winning 3 matches. Dubba are having no problems with Al Ramms in the recent years, winning 6 out of 8 matches against them. The good start of their campaign will surely give them some confidence for today and I think they will snatch the win.
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