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Orlando Magic VS Boston Celtics match analysis

I cannot miss this game, but I do not want to oppose to the majority opinion, although I take the right to believe that it will be very hard game and very difficult task for home team and I should not put more than 5/10 on victory of Orlando. However, I can, on the 4th quarter, since practice and current circumstances are in favor of it.  Firstly, the practice. This is, first of all, about mutual matches of these two teams of which, at least in the last season, Orlando Magic was dominant in the last part of the match. Balance of those results from when Orlando Magic was host in the last two seasons is amazing - four victories in the last quarter on each of them by Orlando and one of Boston. Even seven victories were convincing and only one with one point of difference. This is how it look like in numbers: 2009-2010: 24:25, 35:22, 30:18, 22:17, 29:17 2008-2009: 26:25, 14:20, 39:27, 23:16, 22:13 In the last season, even in Boston, Orlando won in the last quarter three times, and Boston won twice. So, out of ten mutual matches in the last season, Orlando was better in seven of them in the last quarter. As for the present circumstances, Boston Celtics has many problems with injuries and if it were not fantastic asistant (13.8) Rondo, and it is questionable whether Jermaine O'Neal will play, while Delonte West and Shaquille O'Neal have just recovered, who knows how they will play. In any case, I expect fatigue of visitors in  the last quarter and then should happen what we are already used to - convincing Orlando.
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