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L.A. Lakers VS Miami Heat



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under 98,5

L.A. Lakers VS Miami Heat match analysis

This will be a real spectacle that the whole world is awaiting and maybe we'll see these two teams in the Big finals for several months. On the court will be many stars on both sides and simply don't know which team should be favored. However, what I saw of these two teams in previous matches reminds me on a difficult battle with a small number of points. Miami was in the previous match limited the Suns on their own ground around 80 points which is incredible. Otherwise, they are currently the best defense in the league are also the best at what they have received at least triples in the league (in percent). In some matches their defense looked very, very strong and I think it will be much more motivated tonight than ussual and will again play a good defense. Miami in the last 14 matches is not allowed an opponent to cross this limit so I think it will not even now, although we all should expect a strong response from the Lakers because they disappoint at the Staples in their last game against the Bucks. Tradition is not on the side of this bet, but this is another, new Miami. We all know that famous centence that the game in the NBA get good defense and I hope that tonight both teams will show that part of the game if they want to win this match.
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