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Cincinnati Bengals VS San Diego Chargers


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Cincinnati Bengals VS San Diego Chargers match analysis

San Diego will close the regular season with two performances on the road of which one is tonight against Cincinnati Bengals. While Cincinati has no chance to get the play off this season, San Diego has not only depend on themselves because they are one game behind Kansas City. Also, Cincinati is not in a good shape, they are currently at 3-11, recently had a series of 10 consecutive defeats by the end victory last week against Clevlend while San Diego tied the two consecutive victories. San Diego simply must win in this match if wants to extend hope and such a declaration is made from their quarterback Phillip Rivers, and I like to hear something like that. There is no doubt that San Diego will give their best in this match and I think that in this situation is worth a bet on them. We have a team that is going to 'kill" for the playoffs and another team that will play for honour. In that situation, I always gave precedence to more motivated team that is in this case and better team also. Cincinnati have lost their last two games against the San Diego and the last three meetings in Cincinnati, which is another reason to try with this bet.
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