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Bristol City VS Crystal Palace




+0.5/Away Team

Bristol City VS Crystal Palace match analysis

Crystal palace is third from bottom and second from bottom for away performances, with 1-1-9 9/27; in away matches they have the second worst defence, also. But they have some chance to gain at least a point in this match for various reason. Bristol City has only five points more, hasn't home factor as strong help - only fifth from bottom for home performances - and comes from two consecutive defeats, lastthey were trashed 4-1 by Reading; second reson is that Crystal Palace match against Norwich on Boxing Day was postponed, so they have a great advantage in meet a team that played only 48 hours before fresh and rested; Finally, home team will have great defensive problems for this match. Infact Jamie McAllister (def. 22atts 2goals) is the last addiction to an injury list formed by two other experienced defenders, captain Louis Carey (def. 11atts+1) and Liam Fontaine (def. 19atts) already out in last matches. The result of 4 goals against shown as Fontaine and Carey were important in defensive sector, now we have the loss of another regualr defender. The result is a defensive line formed by three youngsters, Lewis Nyatanga, Christian Ribeiro and Steve Caulker and only Damion Stewart as experienced defender. In this situation, also if we consider the weakeness of the opponent, i don't see home team as winner here
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