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E. Schwank VS L. Mayer



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E. Schwank VS L. Mayer match analysis

This bet is based mainly on one fact. Leonardo Mayer has not played a competitive match since the US Open last year. That is a very long break and much better players than Mayer struggled to return to anything resembling a good form after having such a long break. Both players are pretty average in terms of quality, Mayer is maybe a little bit better than Schwank, but that should not count here at all. Schwank has played a lot of matches and although he has not won many of them, he was able to take a set off Garcia-Lopez or Simon. It is not much, but it counts. He will definitely fancy his chances against this poor opponent and I cannot see how is Mayer going to keep up with the pace over this long (best of five sets) format. We have recently seen how long it took Del Potro to return and play well after an injury - and Del Potro is much more gifted than Mayer. The odds are still decent on Schwank, so I definitely want a medium stake. If I had to choose one pick from the second day of the AO, this would be it. Good luck.
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