Free Basket prediction for Euroleague - Group F:
F.C. Barcelona VS Maccabi Tel Aviv



Maccabi (+8.5)

F.C. Barcelona VS Maccabi Tel Aviv match analysis

Macabi was the best team in regular season with score 9-1, and they looked like team from higher level of competition. People usually say that they have one of the strongest home courts in Euroleague, but their away games are equally good. After first round defeat they had nine wins in a row (4 away games) They were only team that manage to beat Partizan in Belgrade and Khymky in Moscow. If they can repeat and improve performance from those away games, they will have chance today, no doubt about it. With bringing Macvan, they’ve got another great player, and they continue to improve their performance. Barcelona isn’t unbeatable like last year, but they are still very strong team and one of the favorites. I guess that this game is one of the best that Euroleague can offer, and I am really looking forward to it. With Lotomatica and Olimpija as underdogs starting season with away win or home loss could make the difference. I believe that Maccabi can make upset tonight, so I will bet on them, with decent handicap line.
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