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Eastbourne Borough VS Gateshead





Eastbourne Borough VS Gateshead match analysis

I am not a huge fan of soccer betting, but this stood out when I looked at the offers today. I must say that I do not know a lot about this league, but Eastbourne have lost so many games that they have probably lost the track already. And when in this mood, teams can often go missing and just let their heads dow. Gateshead, on the other hand, are at least still trying. They cannot feel sure of their position and this looks winnable from their point of view, that is certain. I think that motivation may well play a role here and I cannot see the home team being motivated at all. No confidence and motivation lead only to poor performances, which is what I would honestly expect from this match. I cannot comment on any specific players, but given their results, Gateshead should be the better team. The thing that stood out for me was the price at which the win is offered. Given the form and results, anything above 3.00 is certainly value. Medium or low stakes are very much recommended though, as this is a league in which basically anything can happen.
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