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Blackburn VS Tottenham




Blackburn VS Tottenham match analysis

Tottenham is visiting Blackburn tonight,currently No.8 home team in table. Hosts without 3 players, Santa Cruz, Jermaine Jones and Ryan Nelsen.Team is doing pretty well at home lately. Tottenham with little defense crisis,Bale won't play, Dawson suspended, Kaboul and King injured, Gallas will play but still he has some hip problems, also Woodgate which didn't play much since last 14 months.In midfield Modric and Huddlestone,I am sure it is a big weakness for the team. With such a holes in defense i think Blackburn can slip a goal.In 11 Tottenham away games they conceded 17 goals, and won only 4 games Draw is at least what i expect from them, Of course Tottenham still have very dangerous attack but they don't really do much lately in away games. Blackburn should also take under consideration fact that they are loosing only 7 points to 5th place in league, and it's worth to fight fight for Uefa spot. I'm really looking forward to see Blackburn winning today at own stadium which also should be an adventage.Also like the odds for DNB. Easy stakes.
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