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Partizan PMB VS Montepaschi Siena




Partizan PMB VS Montepaschi Siena match analysis

Very interesting game today, between Partizan who become standard in top 8 in last few years, and Siena, who did enter in this group as favorites. Both team have 0-2 after two games, and in order to start catching up for two other teams in group (with 2-0 score) they need to win today. Partizan is going to play in Belgrade Arena with more than 20 000 loud supporters, so this is not going to be easy game for Montepashi Partizan has incredible support, and they do everything they can to make their supporters happy. In Belgrade, win is only option for Partizan. With coach and standard players change Partizan did decent job, although this team isn't better than one they had last year. Partizan struggle to find play maker, and Jerrels failes in comparison with McCalebb who played last year. Partizan with Vujosevic was able to be keep reputation as underdog, but after going to F4 in Paris last year they have lost underdog status in Serbia, and that is possibly one of the reasons why their new coach had to say that this is not last chance.. I am not sure how Siena did manage to get 0-2 score after two rounds. After their best player, McCaleb injured they brought Marko Jaric and Marko is a JOKE! Total of 12 minutes played in Euroleague without single point.. After losing from Efes, (Efes didn't lose single game at home) they manage to allow Real to beat them in Italy, despite the game looker like already won. Partizan with their great home support is not a team against you want to play this kind of a game. After Siena mess up at home, I am sure that they will have troubles in Belgrade!
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