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West Ham VS Birmingham


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West Ham VS Birmingham match analysis

Just to clear things up, this bet is a push if Birmingham score exactly once. And it is hard to see them not doing at least that. They certainly do not have many problems with scoring and West Ham are not the most defensive team in the world, so I can see them opening up the defence a little bit, which should be enough for Birmingham to take their chances here. In my opinion, the teams are more or less balanced in this clash. By quality, West Ham are a little bit worse, but they are playing at home, which should make this a very balanced clash. And I do expect some goals, because a draw does not help either team too much. This should be an open game and with Birmingham able to score even against teams like Manchester City, they should score at least once (which would push the bet) and perhaps even twice pretty comfortably. West Ham must try to win here and Birmingham are able to score from the counter-attack. The odds on Birmingham may also be worth taking (+0.5 Asian handicap, for example).
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