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Santiago Giraldo VS Tommy Robredo


CL Chile



Santiago Giraldo VS Tommy Robredo match analysis

My first full stake bet this month and it might be a little bit surprising. Nevertheless, it reflects my opinion about Robredo's game yesterday. He was on the defensive way too much for my liking and I am not sure that was the correct strategy. Santiago Giraldo is an energetic player that knows how to play on clay and he is aggressive enough to take advantage of his incosistency, of which we have seen a lot yesterday. Santiago Giraldo also beat Robredo last year and it was very straightforward, although that match was played on a hard court. I do not expect this to be clear cut, but I would set the odds in a reversed way, since I think that Giraldo is the favorite in this one. The environment also suits him a little bit better, since he is used to playing in this kind of conditions. He has got the best results on clay (although he, according to his own words, prefers hard courts a little bit) and this is an excellent opportunity to capture a title. The opponent is not that strong by any means.
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