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P. Andujar VS D. Gimeno-Traver



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P. Andujar VS D. Gimeno-Traver match analysis

Pablo Andujar really knows how to play against Gimeno-Traver, which is shown by the massive head-to-head record he has against him. Furthermore, Daniel Gimeno-Traver has been playing horribly this year, losing to players he should not lose to and not being able to compete with other players on his level at all. He has not played on clay so far, while Andujar was already present at a clay tournament last week, so that should be another nice advantage for Andujar here. On clay, I would definitely rate him a little bit higher than Gimeno-Traver, who is definitely the more known and famous player, but that has not much to do with his real qualities. This match has a definite favorite and Andujar is the player that should prevail here. The difference in quality and form is tremendous and if Pablo Andujar plays to his standard, he will beat Gimeno-Traver once again, as he has done previously. He will like the surface more (and will be more adapted), he will know how to play against him, etc.
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