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J. Levine VS J. Blake


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J. Levine VS J. Blake match analysis

One really has to wonder why James Blake is such a huge favorite here. Yes, he has achieved much more than the young Levine, but he is in decline and he has been considering retirement for a long time now. He has not even played a competitive match this year and it is possible he is just a "celebrity" player here that is not even supposed to be a serious competitor. On his day, he will still beat Levine, but the young player made some progress and played through the qualification here, so he should be ready for this challenge. He will surely be motivated, as Blake has not much to play for really. He is still being invited to many tournaments as the wildcard player, but has never shown much spirit in the last year. He will surely continue in the decline, as his health problems are still present and with retirement in sight, he will surely not risk any injury, as there is simply no reason. The odds are stupidly high for a match-up of this kind, where one player is the favorite just on respect and reputation.
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