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Nicolas Almagro VS Juan Ignacio Chela


BR Brazil



Nicolas Almagro VS Juan Ignacio Chela match analysis

Nicolas Almagro is a class player on clay. In fact, he is able to play a solid match even with Nadal when he is fully firing. Chela, on the other hand, is already an aging player and had to come through a couple of tough matches here. Yesterday's match against Bellucci does not count at all - everyone could see that he was badly injured. And even then, he had a solid number of break opportunities. Guess what - that is not going to be enough when he has to play Nicolas Almagro, who loves playing on clay and is playing really well at the moment. He did not have to raise his game at all so far and he is definitely more than capable of doing so. He has a ferocious backhand when on fire and I cannot see what Chela can do in order to stop that weapon from firing.The only thing that he has advantage in is the mental side of things. He is more consistent than Almagro and does not make as many mistakes usually. However, Almagro has been playing without many downs lately and I think he can continue with that today.
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