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Kenya VS Pakistan


LK Sri Lanka


S Tikolo

Kenya VS Pakistan match analysis

Pakistan is obviously the huge favorite for this match, so their odds offer no value whatsoever. However, I think there is a lot of value in this bet. The entire Kenyan team is quite unexperienced, but Steve Tikolo stands out with his international experience. He is already 39 years old, but he will not be nervous when he gets to bat. He has pretty solid averages with the bat and he bats in the middle of the order, which is good for this bet. The rest of the team is either unexperienced or quite poor, so I can see him standing out of the team quite often. He had a poor first match - but so did the rest of the Kenyan team, so there is not much to talk about there. This match should be different, as they had more time to adapt to the conditions.Finally, the odds are simply huge. It is not a bet that will win too often. However, the potential reward is great. Tomorrow, I expect Steve Tikolo to show his experience and lift the Kenyan team with a solid number of runs. Lower stakes are definitely recommended for this one though.
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