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South Africa VS West Indies



IN India


West Indies

South Africa VS West Indies match analysis

I find a lot of value in these odds and I think this is a good medium-sized bet. West Indies are not the best squad in the world, but they definitely have some of the most explosive batsmen in the game today. Their top order certainly loves to hit the boundaries and the pitch should be ok for the batsmen, so I can definitely see them scoring a few of them. Players like Chris Gayle can definitely outscore the players of South Africa. They are decent and they will probably put more runs on the board, but I think they will mainly go for singles and some decent running between the wickets. The South African players play rational and slow cricket with a lot of defense and consistency. The West Indies can be a little bit of hit or miss, but they almost always provide the audience with some spectacular hits into the stands. They should be the favorites for this market in my opinion, not South Africa. With all that said, I am pretty confident that this is a good bet. Let's just hope it comes in.
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