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Spartak Moskva VS Basel




Spartak Moskva VS Basel match analysis

Basel practically lost their hopes to pass to next round, after the loss 3-2 on his own field, after lead the match for 2-0. Now will be an hard match for them, on artificial pitch in Moscow, with very cold (they asked for anticipate the match earlier in the day, but not obtained this) and with some important missing. Swiss team has out Shaqiri (midf. 19atts 2 goals ) banned, and inuuried Huggel (midf. 16atts 1 goal ), Streller (striker 13atts 8goals ) and central def. Dragovic (2atts cup tied having already played with A.Wien). Spartak has again out Ibson ( midfielder 28atts 2goals last season) banned, really i have not found info on other players absentees in previous leg (Welliton ( 25atts. 19 goals topscorer last season), Ari (striker 24atts. 7 goals 2nd topscorer last season,), Nicolás Pareja ( def. 11atts-d) and Sergey Parshivlyuk (def. 21atts.) ), but also without all these men russians were able (also with swiss in ten men in last part of match) to win in first leg, so i think in another good performance in this match, where they are boosted by the factors that i explained above
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