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Padova VS Piacenza



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Padova VS Piacenza match analysis

Interesting odds against a team without wins in last five rounds (0-3-2). Home team is in downtrend and situation could be also worst because they had a bit of lucky in some of the previous matches. They are also affected by important absences in last rounds, and also today are out Jidayi (midf.13atts+10) suspended and the not new absences of Succi (striker 20atts 15 goals topscorer), Di Gennaro (midf. 15atts+2 5goals), Agliardi (regular keeper) and Vicente (midf. 7atts+3 1goal), while El Shaarawy (midf. 9atts+4 2goals) and Crespo (def. 24atts+1 1goal) should be available. So, they are again without important players and receive Piacenza, another team near relegation zone - playout are at 28 points now, Piacenza has 31 points, four less then Padova - but that is in a good trend, with only one match lost in last five. Piacenza comes from two consecutive wins that have boosted their moral: they trashed 4-0 at home Grosseto, and then won - in the latest minutes 2-3 against Siena, one of the strongest team in serie B - after that Siena led 2-0. Their absences are Graffiedi (striker 25atts 7goals 2nd topscorer), Marchi (midf 24atts 3goals), both already out in last round and Gervasoni ( def.5atts.), but they recovers Conteh (def. 19atts). Another interesting fact is that Piacenza is alittle better away then at home. Away they lost only one of the previous 5 matches. On the contrary, also if Padova is the fourth best team at home - and for sure odds are influenced by this - they won only two times in last six home matches. Considering all these facts, odds for an away double chance are to try in this match
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