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Rizwan Cheema

Canada VS Pakistan match analysis

Well, this is simply a good offer in my opinion. JM Davison has been pretty poor in the two matches. Against Sri Lanka, he faced four balls and did not score any runs. Against Zimbabwe, he faced five balls and did not score any runs. That is not something he should be extremely proud of. On the other hand, Cheema scored 37 against Sri Lanka and 14 against Zimbabwe, beating Davison easily both times. Therefore, I think it is good to take him at this price to repeat the performance. Davison usually opens the match, which means a lot of pressure. Everyone expects some runs and he just wasn't able to deliver any. He will also face the very best Pakistan have to offer in the bowling department, which can prove to be the key point here. On the other hand, Cheema usually gets in after some overs, so there is not much pressure and he knows the conditions better by that time. Also, he does not have to face the best bowlers necessarily. Medium stakes are recommended, but the bet is definitely worth taking, as he has beaten Davison in both matches. Good luck.
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