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New Zealand VS Zimbabwe match analysis

Rules: 1 point per run, 20 points per wicket, 10 points per catch, 25 points per stumping. Look at the scoring rules and tell me how can this line be so low for someone of his quality. The thing is, he can score points for this both with bat and with ball, so we actually have two ways of getting there. And if they combine, it really looks quite low. He has covered it in both of his games, even though the rest of the team has not supported him that much, so I cannot see this being too different in this match. Zimbabwe should get up for this one, as this is a match in which they should be able to be in with a solid chance of getting it close. And if everything goes their way, they may even fancy their chances to win. Any way, Cremer will be an important part even if Zimbabwe lose by a solid margin in the end. He is clearly one of the most talented guys in the Zimbabwe line-up and the line is set too low if you take everything into consideration. Moderate stakes are once again recommended, as Zimbabwe were not that great so far. But this bet is definitely worth taking.
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