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Sri Lanka VS Australia

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Sri Lanka VS Australia match analysis

I definitely think that Australia are the favorites here. Sri Lanka is better in the bowling department and knows the conditions more, but they are much worse in the batting department and this pitch should be suited to batting more than to bowling. The Sri Lankan team has just four solid batsmen and if they get out, they can collapse very easily. The four players are great, but it should not be enough here. Australia have been also very impressive in fielding, they are on a great run at the moment after crushing England in the ODI series and, most importantly, they are just not looking vulnerable. At this price, I am inclined to take them with solid stakes, as their price should go down as we go closer to the match. Aside from the homed advantage, the team from Sri Lanka simply has no advantage over Australia. The pitch will not help their bowlers by a great deal and without them, they are just above average. It will certainly be a cracking match, but the Australians should prevail in the end.
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