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England VS South Africa


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England VS South Africa match analysis

Really cannot see any other results than a South African win. They have been very impressive so far and dealt with every single challenge they had to face effectively. On the other hand, England could never overcome even a single one. They were in a winning position against India and they managed to only draw. They were in a dominating position against Ireland and managed to lose. Horrible fielding, horrible bowling. The only thing that is working for them is batting, but the South Africans also do not have any problems with that. And their fielding and bowling has been top-notch in the matches they have played so far, dealing with their weaker opponents very effectively and with no fuss at all. They should see this as a real test and since they are one of the best teams in the competition, I expect them to raise their game in this match. Medium stakes, since England are a quality team and can always show up with an upset, but they have not shown anything in this World Cup yet and it would take a tremendous change of form to for them to get a win here.
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