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Canada VS Kenya match analysis

Well, that was a cruel result in the England - South Africa match for us. South Africa were being matched for odds of 1.01 on Betfair. So yes, that was a pretty big upset - and certainly a big blow for many punters. But let's forget about that. Kenya are definitely not the favorites of the match, Canada are. It is usually quite tough to separate these poor teams, but Canada should have the edge in this one. Their batting line-up was not providing anything so far, but the bowling attack Kenya have is a joke really. On the other hand, the Canadian bowling attack has been effective both in taking wickets and in limiting runs in the matches they have played. This will be seen as a crucial game for both teams, as they now have basically the only chance to prove that there is a reason for them being in this World Cup. The only thing Canada need to improve here in order to win is their batting - and I am sure they can do just that. On the other hand, the Kenyan team has to improve everywhere. The odds are great and I am happy to take them with solid stakes.
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