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Laval VS Angers

FR France


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Laval VS Angers match analysis

Laval is only unbeaten home team. They won seven games and played six with tie result. Two of those six tie games they played in the previous five home games. As for their form, they lost three of the last ten games, of course all three matches were away. How serious is the Laval team when plays at home we can see through the goal difference - 19:4. They received only four goals in 13 matches, that is a strong indicator of their strength at home. On the other hand, Angers is not bad away. On the contrary, they won three and played tied five of last 13 away matches. Their away matches were with small number of goals, so when they lost matches, it was with minimum of goal difference. But, they lost two and played tied in last four away matches. Angers won against Laval two of last three matches between them. Those matches were in Angers. Laval won three times and also played tie in three of last seven matches at home against Angers. They lost against them last time ten years ago. Maybe tie result is real outcome here, but I believe Laval is closer to win. GL.
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