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Australia VS Canada



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SR Watson to beat BJ Haddin

Australia VS Canada match analysis

Very similar bet as in the match yesterday and the reasoning is not too different really. Both belong to the opening positions of Australia's batting line-up, so it is a real two horse contest. The statistics are also quite similar to yesterday. Shane Watson has higher batting average than Haddin in this tournament, 54 to 49. And yep, you guessed it - he also has the higher strike rate - 95 to just 76, which means he scores runs more aggressively. Shane Watson can be pretty destructive on his day and since he was not really in a great form right now, I expect him to step up tomorrow against this rather poor bowling attack and take some quick runs and win this bet. Canada's bowling attack is certainly not completely toothless, but it is a level below what the Australian batsmen face on a regular basis, so I see no problems there. Other than that, the bet is pretty much the same as yesterday for the same reasons, so let's hope it will turn out to be a good one, just as the one I have suggested yesterday did. Good luck.
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