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New York Rangers VS Florida Panthers match analysis

This will be the fourth and final game between the teams for the season. So far the Rangers have won only once and the Panthers have won twice. The last game between the teams was played here in Madison Square Garden and Florida have won with a 4:3 score. The Rangers must get revenge for this loss. They are now on 7th place on Eastern Conference and they will want to keep this place and they will play on playoffs. So far the team is dealing well to keep it especially lately. Rangers are with 6 wins in last 10 games, 5 of them in regulation and they are also with 3 wins in a row at home and the results in those 3 games were really impresive. they have won with a 6:3 score over Montreal Canadiens and New York Islanders and with a crushing 7:0 score over the team of Philadelphia Flyers who are the leaders on East. This shows really great form for the Rangers. They have problems with injured players mostly in defence, but I think that they can handle with them. For the Panthers there are a lot of missing forward players and the team is only with 3 wins in last 10. They have lost 7, but only 4 of them in regulation. I must say that only 2 of last 10 games of the team were on road, both loses and the last one after over time. I think that the home team is better one and they will win easily tonight. This may even go with a two or more goals.
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