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Valladolid VS Rayo Vallecano


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Valladolid VS Rayo Vallecano match analysis

The Rayo Vallecano players, decided to play this game despite the unpaid salary to the entire squad. The club is in sale and is living problematic moments. The squad was determined to fail this game at Valladolid, and only Thursday they decided to play it. They only decided to play, not to worst their situation, as missing to play this game, the possible buyers of the club, wouldn't be motivated to face the consequences of that strike measure. But the situation is still dramatic. All the players are still without receiving a single month in this season, and some of them also have wages of the last season to receive. This is putting some of the players in dramatic situation, without conditions to pay their bills, and inclusive the education of their sons. In this situation, their performance level in this game is still unknown. The players feel that they are abandoned by the club and they are really demotivated. They are decided to play the games left, respecting the fans of the club, not the directors, and i am not seeing them playing at highest level in this game.
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