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Vancouver Canucks VS Chicago Blackhawks





Vancouver Canucks VS Chicago Blackhawks match analysis

This will be the first game in playoffs between those two teams. In regular season they have played 4 times and each team have won 2 times, but the last two wins are for Canucks. I am betting this game because the team of Blackhawks wouldn't be in playoffs if Minnesota hadn't won over Dallas in last game in NHL. Chicago are tha champions from last season, but this season they are not playing that good and I think that they will be eliminated in first round from Vancouver. Also last season in the first round they have had a big problems with their play and they have won the series over Nashville very hard and I can say that they won only because Predators have made stupid mistake in the end game 5. Wnat I mean is taht the team do not play very good in the beginning of playoffs and surely they will not play easily against Canucks. The distance between the teams is 2200 miles and Blackhawks could be tired from the road trip. But Canucks are really strong team and they have won regulation season with no competition from any other team. They are in good form and they have rested a little in last games of regular season, so I think that tonight they will win in regulation time. I may be will take it on puck line.
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