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Washington Capitals VS New York Rangers




Under 5

Washington Capitals VS New York Rangers match analysis

This will be the second game between the teams in playoffs stage. The first one again was played here in Washington and Capitals have won with 2:1 score after over time. And it is perfectly normal for a game on playoffs stage to end under 5 goals. So far there have been played 8 games and most of them are under the line of 5 goals. Actually there is only one game over the line of five goals and it was made by an empty net goal in late seconds of the game and two other games that hit the line, but in this case the bet is pushed. For tonights game both teams will bet again on play in defence and they are good on defence lately. They both have receieved only a 2.1 goals against average in last 10 games. Also both offences have scored less than 3 goals against average in last 10 games. This shows that the teams are playing mostly on defence and with a lot of hits against the opponents players. The first game was no different, but a big fight and hits for the players each against other and with not so many good chances to score goals. I think that tonight the result will be under again.
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