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Manchester U VS Schalke 04



28th minute or later

Manchester U VS Schalke 04 match analysis

This will be the second and final game between the teams. the first one in Germany ended with a 2:0 win for the away team - Manchester United. Now for the team of Schalke there is an impossible mission to score 3 goals on Old Traford and to receieve maximum of one. For Schalke this is first play on this stage on Champions League and it is very good performance for the team so far, but it is time for their games in Europe to end. In the first game the score was 2:0 mostly because of their goalie - Neuer. In the first half of the game he made some great saves and he have done everything that he can to protect hil goal, clean but finally the most reasonable thing happened and Man Utd scored. Sir Aleks Ferguson is very expirienced coach and he knows that his team will play with Barcelona on the final. Tonight he will be in offence with Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen, which shows that he has gave a little rest of his better forwards - Hernandes and Rooney. Sir Alex starts with Berbatov on offence in games that are not so imporant for him and it seems that this one will be the same. Man Utd have a great defence and I do not think that they will allow a goal in the first half, but it will be hard for them to score, because Schalke may still have some hopes for the final. That is why I think that first goal in the game (if there is no goal in the game the bet is also winner) will be scored early in the first half or may be even in the second.
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