Free Soccer prediction for European Championships - Qualifying - Group I:
Liechtenstein VS Lithuania




Liechtenstein VS Lithuania match analysis

This will be the first game between the teams in Group I of European qualifyers. Both teams do not have a real chances to get to one of the first two positions in group and play on Euro 2012, but it is normal for those two to be on the last two positions in the group. The team of Lichtenstein is on the last position with 4 loses in 4 games with only one scored goal and 10 receieved. At home they are with 0:6 goal difference with two loses. One from Spain - 0:4 and the other from Czech Republic, but those two are the leaders in the group and they will play on Euro 2012. Lichtenstein are not a team that can play good football and they are awlays on the bottom of their qualifyers groups. Their are amateur footbal players and I think that they will loose today again. The team of Lithuania have started great qualifiers with a draw at home against Scotland and surprising win against Czech Republic on road. After those two game s they have lost twice from Spain with 3:1 score both times, but it is normal, because we all know that Spain are european and world champs and they are really the best team in the Europe at this moment. Lithiania have not even receieved a goal from other team than Spain and I think that today they will not receieve again and they will score at least one, so they will win.
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