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Over 2.5

YPA VS PK-37 match analysis

Finland Kakkonen C PK-37 is located on the fourth place on the table and is one of the more efficient team in the league while the YPA is in the middle of the table, the ninth. YPA at home plays a much more efficient games and so has the goal difference of 13:8 from seven games while the PK-37 away has an even greater average, goal difference 12:13 also at seven games. So, both teams have average to play over in this match. Tradition is also on the side of bet and says that on theYPA field always played the game with more than 2.5 goals. 18.08.2010. 3:3 Finland 3 C 2010 24.06.2009. 2:1 Finland 3 C 2009 13.09.2008. 1:4 Finland 3 C 2008 Both teams have scored goals and in something like that I believe so today. This season they played one match, when the PK37 was host and again was seen over because the game is ended 2:1 Till the end of the league left so much to play and there is no reason to calculate and play hard defence. This league has a lot of goals per match, the defenses is not at a high level so that it can happen that the number of goals be a lot bigger.
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