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Slovenia VS Bosnia and Herzegovina




Slovenia VS Bosnia and Herzegovina match analysis

Slovenia as a host of this tournament will play today against Bosnia-Herzegovina for third place. They have already played two matches here, won one (against Montenegro) the other one have lost yesterday against Croatia and now for the third place will play, imo, extremely weak team B&H.B&H have great individuals players, especially Teletovic and Domercant but it should be noted that they had only one assist in the entire first half yesterday. What they have played yesterday was very poor, Serbian defense was very strong and I believe that Slovenia is capable to do that something like that. Slovenia had +9 at the beginning of 2/4 against the Croats yesterday while against Montenegro at the half won with 7 difference. Serbia yesterday after only 7 minutes led a 15 difference against B&H, there were close to the 30 for the entire game and I believe that Slovenia will definitely get this match and for doing so requires a strong start and that is why I take that after first half Slovenia lead with more than 5 points differences
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