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Alania VS Torpedo Vladimir




Alania VS Torpedo Vladimir match analysis

Match of the second Russian League. Alanya is the first on the table, with great effect at home, where they received in 8 matches only 2 goals.Now they will play against "wild" team that comes though in the middle of the table has the second worst defense in the whole league. They have recieved 28 goals in 19 matches and something like this leader of the league will not forgive. Last yesr Alania paed in the First League while the Torpedo played in the third. The good thing is that Alania has no victory for some timeand I think today will stop the negative serie. They played twice a draw in the qualifications for European League, lose in the Cup and lose in away game in league. These teams have already play during the season and Alania easily beat them 3-0 and already after 20 minutes was 2:0. I play a handicap at Alania, or don't play anything. It bothered me that Alania have a historical chance to be placed in the Europe,an League, they threw Aktobe on penalties, so they had ttough job so I hope they will not think about Europe, but will concentrate on this match. They are too strong for Torpedo, and if they will be serious, it will be at least 3 differences, such as in the first match.
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