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Philadelphia Eagles VS Baltimore Ravens match analysis

Baltimore v. Philadelphia BLT.-Ricky Williams won’t be playing unless he demands it, Joe Flacco will start, but as with the rest of the veterans they will only play one or two series, not quarter’s series. Balt. Is strong on defense and soft on offense, even softer if they main players aren’t in, with the veterans taking to the sidelines the defense should suffer a bit as well. Harbaugh is 6-2 for the under in the last 8 pre-season games, he doesn’t give much to scoring. PHI. - Andy Reid has never really put an effort on pre-season, going 0-7 in the first pre-season game over the last 7 yrs. None of those seasons had a lockout, rule changes, one QB fresh out of the joint still trying to prove something, and a veteran QB who wants to see some time. Reid states he can’t stand the new contact rules and is itching to go. His formula for play time in the pre is simple, 1st unit 1st quarter, 2nd 2nd and so on, some of the 2nd string may stay in longer and the 3rd string as well. All the trends point to Baltimore, but with things changing, unlike the weather here in Texas, Flacco may have a good series or two, but with Vick and Young in for at least the 1st half up against a weaking D for Baltimore, I can’t help but think Reid will end his 1st game losing trend and let these veteran QB’s get the offense in gear…high gear.
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