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-3.5/New England Patriots

New England Patriots VS Jacksonville Jaguars match analysis

Jacksonville v. New England Jax. - Not only will Garrard, the starting QB, miss the game due to back injury, but there are 9 other players not making the trip, including RB Jones-Drew. The jaguars will be unveiling a new look D. The defense stunk last year, not sure trying new tricks is a good game plan against the Pats. N.E. - Their healthy, chomping at the bit to get some real action, and tonight they get it. The starters, including Brady will only get a few series, and then the backups and hopefuls will get their shot. With the big letdown of not making the super bowl last year they will want to at least start with a good taste in their mounths.This should be enough to put up a win. Leans: Denver +3. With QB controversy going on there should be some points from the Bronco’s. Dallas will only play the starters 8-12 plays. JAX & NE under 35. They may get more than half of this by halftime, but with both squads worried about the D, this should stay low after the stars leave the turf. Let’s have a good night.
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