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Djokovic N. (Srb) VS Davydenko N. (Rus)





Djokovic N. (Srb) VS Davydenko N. (Rus) match analysis

Novak Djokovic is in phenomenal form and it seems that no one can beat him in this moment. Long series of his victories this year have created pressure for the opponent before the match, and he reached great self-confidence and it's his huge advantage in tonight's match against Davydenko. His previous results on this tournament are prouf that he is still in great form and he plays without calculation. He probably wants a quick and convincing win to scare opponents and so to make the task easier. In this tournament he won against Niland 6:0, 5:1 and then NiIand retired. It was better for them, because he escaped debacle. In the second round Djokovic won against Berlocq with only two lost games: 6:0, 6:0 and 6:2. However, in the third round opponent is more dangerous than in the previous two. He wasn't the best on the hard this year, but the first set looked much better than others. In this tournament he lost the first set against Dodig, but after tie-break, and in the second round  against Staraca, Davydenko won the first set 6:2. Only against Mardy Fish he did not have a solution and lost the first set without winning a game. In Montreal, he played against Djokovic and lost two straight sets, but he was excellent in the first and won even 5 games. It was their sixth match against each other and the first on the hard. Djokovic leads 4-2 and I'm sure he will increase it to 5-2 after tonight's match. Davydenko knows that the whole match depends on the first set, because it is his only chance for a possible surprise. If he lose the first set, he will lose the entire match. And it will certainly happen. With his brilliant form Djokovic can make break in the first set and win it without tie-break. If he is first at serve it will be 6:3 or 6:1. If Davydenko serves first, the result in the first set will be 6:4 or 6:2. I will try with 6:3, because under some circumstances even with two breaks it can be result of the set. Davydenko is experienced player and can win three games. It is worth to try this bet. GL.
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