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Finland VS Montenegro





Finland VS Montenegro match analysis

Both Finland and Montenegro are at the bottom in this group with only one win and three defeats. The difference between Finland and Montenegro is that Finland still have a chance to progress to the next round. On the top of that, Finland have been a better team in this tournament. They play fast basketball and like to shot well. They beat Bosnia 92 - 64 and were inches away from winning against Macedonia (have lost 7-72) and even against Croatia (have lost 79-84). Montenegro looked really bad on the other hand, their only win was against Macedonia (score 70-65) and it was on the line - could have easily lost it. They play slow basketball and play more defensive, but I'm afraid it will go down to Finland who will dominate the encounter. Finland still have a slim chance to go through and I am sure they will not miss that. Even with no stake in the middle, they will want to have a good finnish with a win. They might not have many stars in their team but they play as a team and i think that's what will make the difference today.
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