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Varese VS Sassuolo



IT Italy


After the 27th minute

Varese VS Sassuolo match analysis

In the past Varese and Sassuolo played only two matches against each other, and from that two duels Varese came out with four points. In a game that was played in Lombardy, Varese was a more successful and won 2:1. The first goal of the match has been made in the 28th minute. The second match was without winner, 1:1, but with only one goalscorer, Do Santos Claiton Machado who scored leading goal for Varese in the 75th minute, but in the last minute he scored own goal. In this season Varese played six matches and three of them finished without goals, 0:0. In other three matches Varese lost twice with 0:2 and won the last match against Albinolefe, 2:1. In that match the first goal was scored in the third minute, but in other two matches the first goal was scored far away from the 27th minute. On the other hand, Sassuolo didn't have any match without goals in this season, but in even four of six matches the first goal was scored in the second half. These were the last four games. Only in the first round, 3:1 vs Nocerina, the first goal was scored before the 28th minute. Tonight, I think, the first goal should not be reached before that deadline. GL.
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