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Dundalk VS Drogheda United


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Goal (both teams to score)

Dundalk VS Drogheda United match analysis

There are no problems for these teams to the end of the championship, now they will play for nothing, except of the pride. According to the table Dundalk is much better team, with almost double less suffered defeats than tonight's rival: 13 of Dundalk compared to 24 of Drogheda. Dundalk wasn't unbeaten at home, they lost six games, but Drogheda lost even 12 as visitors. As for goals, Drogheda is the second worst team regarding received goals: 74 (Glaway received even 105). But, Dundalk received 54 and they are team with the fourth worst defense in Irish Premier Division. Efficiency is weakness of both teams: Dundalk scored 49 and Drogheda only 28 goals in previous 34 rounds. As for goals on both sides, they each played 6 games with duplex goals in the last ten rounds. But, Dundalk didn't score goal in the last four games, and received even 12. As for mutual matches, goals in both sides were in the last 12 matches. Dundalk should finally score at least one goal, after four scoreless games in a row, and Drogheda have lose nothing and it match must be very open, with goals. GL.
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