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Sweden VS Spain





Sweden VS Spain match analysis

Practically there is no host because the tournament is playing in Denmark. It's Super Cup of 4 Nations and other two national teams are Germany and host Denmark. This is the second match of the first round and before this game they will play Germany and Denmark against each other. It's difficult to say which team is a favorite, but it looks like Sweden is the weakest team in the tournament. After Jonas Kallman retired it left a hole in the team, and it should add that Oscar Carlen won't play. On the other hand, Spain is strong selection, everyone has probably heard for Romero or Entrerrios. So, they are here, in Denmark and they will be in the team. Usually, matches between these national teams were uncertain, but this time an advantage is on Spain side. Also, in the past in this tournament, a favorite won in almost every match. But, two years ago, Sweden like underdog won over Spain. This time, difference between these teams is really big in favor to Spain and I believe they will win in low score game. GL.
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