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Bochum VS Energie Cottbus



DE Germany


+0.5/Energie Cottbus

Bochum VS Energie Cottbus match analysis

Two sides in unexpected bad position. Sincerely, I thought that Bochum will fight for top three, but in this moment they are closer to bottom three. Even four lost matches at home is one of the main reasons for that. They won only three home matches, but the last two were in previous three matches at home, and it could be a good sign for them. Only defeat in previous six games happened at home against the best team, Frankfurt, 0:2. Bochum is without suspended players, with four injured: Fabian, Berger, Freier and Vogt. On the other hand, Cottbus has suspended Ziebig and also four injured players: Sorensen, Brzenska, Fenin and Rangelov. At first glance it seems that the problem is the lack Rangelov, but he already has not been effective lately and someone from the bench will definitely get a chance. Bochum won three and Cottbus only one match of the last six between them, but anyway I believe that Cottbus will not lose tonight's game. They won four in previous two away matches, and tonight's match will be a continuation of that series. GL.
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