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Coventry VS Cardiff match analysis

The quota is really miserable, but I think it is safe, especially for me after last night's failure. Coventry is accustomed to losses in mutual matches against Cardiff, and I don't know what host to hope in this match due to the very poor form, while on the other side Cardiff makes good results. Coventry lost four of last five matches, and three were at home. Also, they are three consecutive defeats, last two at home. Their home outcome is 2 wins, 3 tie results and 4 defeats. On the other hand, Cardiff won four of the last five games, two away, and they didn't lose in those last five games, approaching the top of the table and they are now back in the game for a place in the Premier League. They have 3 wins, 4 tie results and only 2 defeats away. They won last six matches against Coventry and tonight's match could be another one on the list, but it would be fourth consecutive defeat for Coventry and because of that I take an Asian Handicap, in the event a tie, which isn't impossible in this case. GL.
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