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Zaragoza VS Sevilla


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Zaragoza VS Sevilla match analysis

With only two injured players on both side, both defenders, Paulo Da Silva in Zaragoza and Martin Caceres in Sevilla, the visitors are a favorite in this match, at least because of better form. Zaragoza lost four of last five matches, and played tie only one match, 2:2 against Gijon, thanks to goal scored in the last minute. Although it looks too bad, you must know that their opponents in this period were Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Valencia, you can't say they are easy to play against them and because of that we must look at Zaragoza from a different angle. Their balance at home is 2 wins, 2 tie results and 2 defeats. Sevilla is also without win in last five matches, but three of them were draws, two away, both without goals, in Barcelona and Mallorca. Their bad form was confirmed in two home defeats, both 1:2, against Granada and Athletic Bilbao. It was the first, and so far only one, away win of Granada. Zaragoza is again in dangerous part of the table, with only one point more than three last placed teams. They won only two points in away matches, so that they must win points at home to stay in the league. I think that they are able to save at least one point in this night's match against Sevilla. GL.
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