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Barcelona VS Rayo Vallecano



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Barcelona VS Rayo Vallecano match analysis

Barcelona suffered unexpected defeat in last round, in Madrida against Getafe, 0:1. After 43 away matches it was the first one in which Barcelona didn't score at least one goal. So, what to expect tonight except of back of Barcelona in a great style. It means we will see a lot of goals. Although Rayo Vallecano is not too bad, Barcelona is too big for them and in this moment this giant want to show that their last match was only a moment of their weakness. In front of them is the game against Real Madrid and before that they must raise the level of serlf-confidence. They may do that in their distinctive way - with high wins. In seven matches at home Barcelona has goal difference 30:0, very impressive, without received goals the average is 4.3 goals per game. It's average of their efficiency at home. Rayo Vallecano received 10 goals in seven away matches. They didn't play against Barcelona since 2003, but it was different time, Barcelona was weaker than now. At least two goals in the first halftime is my bet here. GL.
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