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Bastia VS Sedan



FR France


Sedan +0.5

Bastia VS Sedan match analysis

Bastia and Sedan have the same goal: to be within first three teams in the league in the end of the season. Until that they will have a lot of matches to play and every point is very important. They are competitors to each other and therefore three points in mutual matches are very important. Bastia has 23 points, 2 less than Le Havre on the third place. They are undefeated at home, with 4 wins and 3 tie results. They have three tie results in last four matches at home. Tonight, Bastia is without captain Yann Cahuzac, because of suspension, and Pierre-Francois Sodini and Mathieu Robail because of injuries. Also, Salim Moizini, Gilles Cioni and Ludovic Genest are questionable for this match. On the other hand, Sedan has two points more than Bastia, but they lost two of their last three away matches. Sedan won and lost two away matches, and three finished tie. They are without injuries and suspensions, only three players are questionable: Nicolas Fauvergue, Yoann Court and Vincent Gragnic. They are two teams with equal possibilities, no matter which one is host, so I think Sedan is better in this moment and has more chances to win tonight. GL.
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