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Crvena Zvezda VS Vojvodina


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Crvena Zvezda VS Vojvodina match analysis

In small leagues you almost always can know which of big teams will win. Each of those leagues has three or four biggest teams and they almost always win. In this league the best team is Partizan, participant twice in the Champions League and with better players of other teams. Crvena Zvezda was the best team in former communist state, even winner of European Champion Clubs' Cup in 1991, but they have been weaker than Partizan for years and they didn't win a title in previous four years. It seems Partizan will win another title, because they have nine points more than Crvena Zvezda and they won them 2:0 like visitors. In that match home fans provoked riots, there were many torches on the ground like you're at war. They injured Partizan' goalkeeper, who is former player of Crvena Zvezda, and visiting players spent break between two halftimes on the ground because they couldn't get to their dressing rooms. Because that game Crvena Zvezda will play today without the presence of fans, in front of empty the stands. Their opponent, Vojvodina, is the third best club in the league, but always in the shadow of Partizan and Crvena Zvezda. There is big rivalry between Vojvodina and Partizan, but not between Vojvodina and Crvena Zvezda. Many people consider that Vojvodina is friendly club of Crvena Zvezda. However, it doesn't mean that they will fix today's match. I think, they won't. Vojvodina is only undefeated visitor in the league, but they lost three of last four matches against Crvena Zvezda and in situation when Crvena Zvezda must win, Vojvodina can't take at least one point. Simply, it's such league. GL.
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