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Dynamo Dresden VS Fortuna Düsseldorf


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Dynamo Dresden VS Fortuna Düsseldorf match analysis

Dresden was a great within pause in the championship, but remained the same in the sequel to the championship, extending a series of matches without a win at number seven, but only two of those seven games were played in Dresden - 0-0 against Bochum and 1-2 against St. Pauli. Such a bad series led Dresden in the relegation zone, so today's match is of great importance for them. Although they are without injured Amine Aoudia, Marco Hartmann and Adnan Mravac, Dresden has high expectations from this match. First team out of the relegation zone, Bochum, has four points more, so three points from today's match are an imperative for Dresden. With the three points they would skip Arminia on the table, and that place gives a greater chance of survival because it leads to the play-out. Dusseldorf has been undefeated in four games of continuation of the season, which give them six points advantage in relation to best team in the relegation zone. However, the point difference is not safe enough, so this team will not enter the match without a battle. They will have support of about 1,000 their fans, but I think it will not be enough. I expect the victory of Dresden in front of full stands, but with a low score, bearing in mind the strong defense of visiting team.
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