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SSC Napoli VS FC Porto




Goran Pandev

SSC Napoli VS FC Porto match analysis

The first leg, two weeks ago, ended with only one goal scored and a similar development of events might happend in today's rematch, but on opposite side. Napoli is strong on its ground, where it lost a game last time four months ago, 0-1 against Parma. Therefore, I think Napoli should win this game, but with a lot of struggle, scoring probably in the second part of the game. It seems to me this game will have a third, perhaps the fourth part (penalties), which means that I expect 1-0 as final result in regular time. The question is, who will score. There are two major candidates, in my opinion - Goran Pandev and Gonzalo Higuain. Former player of Real is in much better form, scoring several goals in a few games lately, while Pandev did not score a single goal in this year! Therefore, 2.20 on Higuain anytime score is too high IMO, and I do not believe that bookmakers make mistakes accidentally. Because of that, it makes sense to try to bet on Pandev, because he is an excellent striker who is able to score two or more goals in a game. He will have more space than Higuain and this game is a real opportunity for him to regain the trust of fans. Given that I expect only one goal in this game, I'd rather take a bet that Pandev will score the first goal on the match than anytime goalscorer. I think it's a reasonable decision. I will cover this bet with another one - no goal before 30th minute, so if someone else scores the first goal on the match, I will have a very small loss.
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